Beauty is…


Explore our definitions of beauty. What’s yours?

The ladies of Eureka High School’s robotics team share their thoughts on beauty


Bethany (1)
Beauty is…standing up.

Beauty shines
Beauty is…feeling good in your skin.

Beauty is everywhere (1)
Beauty is…everywhere.

Beauty is Frankie Freeman
Beauty is…in your attitude.

Susan B Anthony Rebel
Beauty is…being a rebel.

Beside a well
Beauty is…sisterhood.

02.12.2017 - 02.15.2017 (1)
Beauty is…sitting down.

Beauty is…celebrating role models

Beauty is…unapologetic

She is Malala. And she is beauty.

Copy of IMG_2178
Beauty is…motherhood. Kinda.

Beauty is… knowing what you are. And what you are not.

Beauty is… in the smile

Beauty is…finishing! Along with a throng of other elementary schoolers, this beautiful strong little lady read 26 books, ran 26 miles, and did 26 good deeds for Go! St Louis’ Read Right Run.

Beauty is…this cutie’s confidence


Beauty is…all about that bass, but not for those reasons.


beauty is... (1)

Beauty is...being passionate
Beauty is…being passionate

Beauty is...on the inside
Beauty is…on the inside

Beauty is...knowing your own strength
Beauty is…knowing your own strength

Seven year old Paige says beauty comes from the heart.
Seven year old Paige says beauty comes from the heart.

Beauty is...simple. Don't muck it up.
Beauty is…simple. Don’t muck it up.

“Beauty is not who you are on the outside; it is the wisdom and time you give away to save another struggling soul like you.” –Shannon L Alder

I can always tell if the kids are happy by the light in their eyes. If they are happy, I feel beautiful.

Beautiful is how nice you are.
Beautiful is how nice you are.