Beauty is…believing that you can do it.

She believed she could. So she did. And that is beautiful.

Meet Heather: blogger, entrepreneur/fan of alliterations, mother of four. And all around rock star.

She recently embarked on a journey to get healthy. Since starting her journey nearly 3 months ago, she has lost nearly 40 pounds and a whopping 70 inches! And she is only half way to her goal!

Beauty is...believing that you can do it.
“A flashback to me last June, hiding behind my kid in a photo so hating to take family photos. Me today, because Zak said “Cute outfit mom! Lemme take a picture!””

Now, obviously, she is looking great. But that is not the point.

Heather’s youngest kiddo is a toddler. In the not-so-distant past, he took off running down the street. And she. Couldn’t. Catch. Him.

Obviously, that was unacceptable to her. The thought that her son could be hurt because she physically couldn’t get to him was just not ok. So, she got to work. She made her health a priority. And it isn’t just her body that has changed, her whole outlook has shifted. Were as before, a trip to Disneyland might have seemed like more work than it was worth, she now looks forward to such trips. “I just started being more up for doing everything we like to do. Like going to the beach, Disney, whatever. It doens’t feel like such a schlep everywhere. I’m boosted with energy. The nutrition is amazing.”

Oh, and her little one? He can’t get away so easily anymore.

She believed she could. So she did. And that is beautiful.

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